Bhut Jolokia

Bhut Jolokia is also known as (Naga Bhut Jolokia, Ghost Pepper, Ghost Chilli Pepper, Ghost Chilli, Dorset Naga, Naga Morich and King Cobra Chilli). In 2007, it was confirmed by Guinness World Records to be the hottest chilli in the world, replacing the Red Savina. The heat level has ranged from 661,451 SHU for green fruit up to 1,032,310 SHU for ripe fruit. Bhut Jolokia, the hottest chilli in the earth has its origin in the North - Eastern region of India. It grows in the Indian states of Assam, Nagaland and Manipur.

Product & Quality Specifications

Product Name: Bhut Jolokia (Dried Pods or Flakes or Powder)

Origin: Assam/Manipur/Nagaland States from the North Eastern India

Product Type: Single Herbs & Spices

Drying Process: Sun or Smoke Dried

Color: Bright Red

Place of

Moisture: <10%

Fruit Shape: Sub Conical to Conical

Fruit Dimensions: 60-85mm (2.4”-3.3”) long and 25-30mm (1”-1.2”) wide

Fresh Fruit Weight: 6.95-8.97 grams

Dry Fruit Weight: 0.8-2.3 grams

Seed Color: Light Tan

Seeds per Fruit: 19-35

1000 Seeds Weight: 4.1-5.2 grams

Moisture: <10%

Scoville Rating: 800,000 SHU to 1,000,600 SHUP

Packing & Shipment Specifications

Inspection: SGS (or) any other agency as per your requirement for Weight and Quality.

Packing: Standard in 18 Kg or 20 Kg new PP Bags in Carton boxes (22”x18”x20”)

Minimum Order Quantity: 3 Tons of Dried Pods/Flakes/Powder

Port of Loading: Chennai or Tuticorin or Mumbai in India

Port of Discharge: To Any Port as per requirements

Shipment Terms: FOB/CFR/CIF Inco Terms 2010 as needed by the Customer to their port of choice

Mode of Payment: TT, LC

Delivery to Port of Discharge: 20-25 days from the date of receipt of Confirmed Payment Instrument (L/C documents or Advance payment)

Documents & Certificates

The following documents are provided as a minimum along with the consignment:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Bill of Lading (B/L)
  • Consignment Insurance Certificate, if applicable
  • Spice Board Export Clearance Certificate
  • Certificate of Origin from Govt. Authorized Authority/Body
  • Quality and weight certificate as inspected by SGS or other Inspection Agency (Optional)